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I've been curious about the eggless mayo, and if it on my to-do list for December to try the mayo cake recipe with it. Thanks for sharing! I keep seeing it on the shelf and have been reluctant to try it because the other eggless mayo's are so gross. I've heard lots of good things about this new one from Hampton Creek. 
Getting the Wilton Year book was one of the things I looked forward to every summer. I called Wilton last week to see what was going on and the customer service rep told me there will be no 2015 year book and there are no plans for future year books. So sad to see a long tradition going away. Maybe if enough people call and write they will re-consider.  
Vermont Nut free chocolate. They are the only ones I know selling the candy melts and everything you listed.
Wilton gumpaste doesn't have eggs in it.  I've never made gumpaste from scratch, but you can always take your fondant and add tylose to it--most of the time that's what I do for my egg-free customers.
India tree makes all natural food colors, they are gel paste.  I use them all the time, Chefmate also makes them. You can find them at the natural candy store or supply village. If you have a decopac account you can also order the decopac line, which i believe is made by chefmate.    I just wrote an article about natural food color and some examples of the colors you can get from the india tree brand of natural...
 You got it! Made me think of a cupcake business one of my friends launched last week. In her pricing section she has....wait for it. 25 cupcakes/$2050 cupcakes/$35100 cupcakes/$70 My first thought was, you have no idea what you are doing! How do you package cupcakes in boxes of 25! She begs for FB likes every hour. Arrgghh!
Crazy, for that price they can't even get a dog shaped cake from a Wilton pan with the star tip. Bark off!
That's not cool, pets in a bakery.   As an aside, this reminds me of a conversation I had with my 3-year old last month.  Son - Do you want to get a pet from my pet store?Me - What type of pets do you have?Son - Umm, lizards, turtles, and unicorns.Me - Okay, I'll take a unicorn.Son - No pets in the bakery! GET OUT OF HERE!
The have a few cake decorating classes through the Fairfax County Public School Adult Continuing Education Program. There isn't as much variety as their use to be. But it's a great start.   You should also keep an eye on this website:   lots of announcements about classes are...
I had no idea you could actually have a home-based bakery without an inspection. I guess when I started out, I got a hold of the older information-but i'm surprised as to why one wouldn't get an inspection. The process isn't hard, and the $40 fee is one of the cheapest expenses I've had. Yes, putting the package together is mundane, but again wasn't a big deal because I already had all my recipes written out by weight, since I had to cost out how much each product costs me...
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