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Remove the doll. Slice horizontally through the 'dress' half-way up and separate the halves so you so have the top (waist to knee) and the bottom (knee to hem). Slice as usual.
2 runs would be safer, then sandwich them with buttercream and skewer them.
I refridgerated one of my fondant coverd cakes once and that once was enough for me to declare 'Never again!' to sticking a fondant cake in the fridge. There wasn't condensation, there was SWEATING! as I recall , I CRIED! It did not dry. So I'd leave the cake out of the fridge... There shouldn't be any problems. unless, of course your filling needs to be.
Hats off to the founders and members of Cake Central!! We all ROCK!
Cornelli lace with a diference? Maybe some kind of random embosser?
Have a look:[url]jesterscakesupply has them [/url]
Go with what Jess155 says, and have a look at this
Yes you can but why would you want to?
Calm down Sarah, everybody's (or at least, most people's) first wedding cake is a bit daunting. I'm guessing you can't get the SPS system across there? If you can that'd be the way to go. If not, yes I'd use dowels for support. Yes, please put a cake board under each tier. Poke or drill holes through the middle of your cake plates so the very long dowel can pass through everything unimpeded. The cakes aren't the only things to make that far ahead. PLEASE make your flowers...
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