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I always buy red and black pre colored. I find adding enough gel paste to get them to the right hue compromises taste and/or consistency. Read the following, she usually has great advice.
I get my Americolor off of Amazon BUT I usually buy primary sugarpaste colors like black and red because I find that it takes just too much color to give me the depth/hue I want.
Dummy's a cool idea for the extra height. Just smear buttercream/icing on top the dummy and put your cake board on it. Then smear buttercream/icing on the cake board and put your cake on it. You can drive a dowel through the cake into the dummy for stability, but it's not an absolute must.
What's your recipe?
Hi all in CCland Today's the last day to take advantage of the Paul Bradford $1-for-weeks special. I know it sounds like a steal, but has anyone actually gotten it? Any hidden fees? Please let me know if it was worth it?
Hi all in CC land! I just got an order for a dress cake, but it's for a grown-up, so I'm thinking to use a cookie as the torso instead of a doll.  I believe I've seen some cupcakes like that. What would be a great sugar cookie recipe to stand firm?
I'd do all of that on the day of. Is it that you'll be in a time crunch why you'll want to do it in advance?
Get a dowel from the hardware,, Wash it  REALLY WELL
 Because I think I got one......It works okay, but I was expecting a bit more than just 'okay' from Kitchen.Aid. My Hamilton Beach was darling.
Most definitely you'll need to dowel ALL the tiers so that they don't sink into each other AND yes for extra support, please run a dowel through the entire thing. I suggest you stack all your separator plates together and drill a hole through them all at the same time, this way you've got 'guide holes'.
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