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I'd do all of that on the day of. Is it that you'll be in a time crunch why you'll want to do it in advance?
Get a dowel from the hardware,, Wash it  REALLY WELL
 Because I think I got one......It works okay, but I was expecting a bit more than just 'okay' from Kitchen.Aid. My Hamilton Beach was darling.
Most definitely you'll need to dowel ALL the tiers so that they don't sink into each other AND yes for extra support, please run a dowel through the entire thing. I suggest you stack all your separator plates together and drill a hole through them all at the same time, this way you've got 'guide holes'.
Hi CCers! Question: We usually thin gel colors with alcohol to paint, but has anyone used airbrush  paints which are already thinner, instead?  If so, what were the results? As good as? Not as good as? Better?
Made the deadline! I ended up frosting the cake and with the very last of the fondant scraps I had I did an outline of the original pattern. Looked pretty okay. She was beaming as she toted it away so I'd say she mind the change in decor. And for future reference: There's a reason all MF tutes have you use white mallows. Either the color or the flavor that's in the non-white ones DO NOT LIKE MICROWAVES. The ones I tried pretty much refused  to melt and actually got...
  I HAVE to make deadline! I live on an island..we don't have pre-made readily available. And there's NO WHITE in the stores. Only multi. So I've picked out the orange ones. Have no choice but to try these. I remember using a bit of extra peach paste when I first got my baby mold and it could pass. Wish me luck! And thanks for the replies.
So I need to do a flesh toned cake in MF. Thing is there's only multi-colored mallows at the store. I got a couple bags and I'm wondering: use the yellow or the orange and add the colouring? HELP!!!!!A.S.A.P!!!!! By the way, this cake is due to be collected in 4 hours....
Do you have an inspiration pic?
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