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.....or you could just google 'egg yolk cakes/egg yolk recipes'
Make ice-cream!
What we do here is have schools that partner with businesses so that when you're ready for interns you just go into the school and they'll pull names -of students who would've indicated their interest in your field- from their database for you to interview. Paying is up to you and/or whatever labour laws you have, I really think that at least minimum wage would be highly appreciated by the eventual interns. Interns here sign contracts and evertything so they know their...
I can't give exact measurements because I usually eyeball it to get the amount I need.Just crack an egg and dribble 'some' white into your whisking bowl ( by 'some' I mean about 1/2 teaspoon or so) Whisk this lightly with a fork then stir in icing sugar by the 1/4 cup -making sure all the sugar is disolved before adding more- until you get the consistency you need. It sounds too simple, I know, but try it.
NICE idea! I'm seeing it now....I'm sure you'll do a lovely job!
As far as I know the sheets WILL absorb the moisture as the cakes thaw and sweat, sorry. But I could be wrong. Anyone else?
I don't know, the one time I needed burgundy I put quite a lot of gel and my flowers had an almost true color. Then I glazed them when they were dry and got a deeper color. I'm guessing you don't have an airbrush? Can you find someone with an airbrush? What about petal dusts? Long shot here, but how about if you mix it with a bit of black? Can you change the color scheme?
Youtube it. If there isn't an exact topper, there'll be something you can use to give you an idea of how to go about doing it. Aine2 and Mayen had some good tutorials on.Take a look at this
I'm agreeing with the rest of them. But is it that you want to copy the cake exactly? I try, but I never seem to manage an EXACT duplicate of anything. I'd be well on my way and then I'd start to play with the design and I said, never an EXACT duplicate . What I'm saying is go! play! have fun with it!
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