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Hi CarolWIS-o-o, enquiring minds want to know: Which airbrush EXACTLY did you -and hubby- get?
I'd do colorflow. But you can try this method:[url][/url]
I could cry. I really could. I do everything online and their coupons ane not eligible for online purchases. Living in the Caribbean is....interesting when you want to decorate cakes. Sigh. Enjoy your shopping....and your discounts!
Check out the ELAINE MacGREGGOR vids on Youtube
....or you can google 'egg yolk recipes'
Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set by Wilton.( Product ID#20429) I've been drooling over this for months now! Only problem is I'd already collected most of the cutters over the years. But really, Get This Set! Also you should check out the Jaccqueline Butler video on [url][/url]
.....or you could just google 'egg yolk cakes/egg yolk recipes'
Make ice-cream!
What we do here is have schools that partner with businesses so that when you're ready for interns you just go into the school and they'll pull names -of students who would've indicated their interest in your field- from their database for you to interview. Paying is up to you and/or whatever labour laws you have, I really think that at least minimum wage would be highly appreciated by the eventual interns. Interns here sign contracts and evertything so they know their...
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