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Roll and cut out your length of ribbon . Dust it, then LIGHTLY roll it up. Mist where you want the ribbon to be on the cake then unroll the ribbon into place.
mike elder did a post on cake structures. do a google search and see how you can improvise.
Seriously, this works. BUT if you're not a MMF purist here's a recipe I found on Youtube that's yummy and not too much trouble: Melt a bag of marshmellows with 3Tbs water in increments in the microwave. Mix in icing sugar (1-2lbs) and 'knead like you've never kneaded before'. I admit, the first time I did it i totally didn't like the feel of it so it languished in my freezer for weeks. Then I decided to use it up to cover a board and was amazed . It tastes good, it rolls...
Try Wilton's 'No Taste Red'. It'll turn pink before it turns red.
Do this one! It's absolutely gorgeous! AND she says it's quick....
Seriously. I would love to see pics of your homemade cake boxes!
Hi CarolWIS-o-o, enquiring minds want to know: Which airbrush EXACTLY did you -and hubby- get?
I'd do colorflow. But you can try this method:[url][/url]
I could cry. I really could. I do everything online and their coupons ane not eligible for online purchases. Living in the Caribbean is....interesting when you want to decorate cakes. Sigh. Enjoy your shopping....and your discounts!
Check out the ELAINE MacGREGGOR vids on Youtube
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