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I've also spritzed with vodka just as well.
I'm a LAZY caker so what I do is spritz my cake with water then smooth with the spatula.
how about baroque cutters?
[quote="jason_kraft"]Just post a message on your web site explaining that you are suspending new orders, and you will be on sabbatical to focus on your education and your family. No further details or explanations are necessary.If you do decide to take orders again and want to keep volume low, increase your prices.[/quoteWow. Like, wow. You're supermom! Seriously, you're already more than halfway to your masters. Keep going. Like I tell my little ones 'the more you learn,...
Coming in late on the spider thing. In fact this isn't about the spider, it's about your 5. Is it that you held it up with a toothpick? If so, that won't work (as you noticed) I use 2 skewers. This way there's support through most of the figure AND 2 'legs' holding it in position.
I just had a shoe-gasm...THEN I had a cake-gasm. Oh! Um..sorry, I haven't a clue how this was done but your idea seems sound. Try it and see. There's a tutorial you can use as a starter and play around with it
Please let me/us know your adding sugar went. I don't know if it's because I'm in the Caribbean, but i find Satin Ice to be SO SOFT ....
I used RKT for the first time just recently. Loved it. Before, I'd just make everything out of g/paste. I'd suggest just squish the RKT as smooth as you can then use your b/cream to give your fondant something smooth to adhere to.
Wow. I mean, like, wow. Did I mention.....WOW.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to separate eggs right now, but I MUST try this! Thank you for posting!
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