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Please let me/us know your adding sugar went. I don't know if it's because I'm in the Caribbean, but i find Satin Ice to be SO SOFT ....
I used RKT for the first time just recently. Loved it. Before, I'd just make everything out of g/paste. I'd suggest just squish the RKT as smooth as you can then use your b/cream to give your fondant something smooth to adhere to.
Wow. I mean, like, wow. Did I mention.....WOW.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to separate eggs right now, but I MUST try this! Thank you for posting!
Roll and cut out your length of ribbon . Dust it, then LIGHTLY roll it up. Mist where you want the ribbon to be on the cake then unroll the ribbon into place.
mike elder did a post on cake structures. do a google search and see how you can improvise.
Seriously, this works. BUT if you're not a MMF purist here's a recipe I found on Youtube that's yummy and not too much trouble: Melt a bag of marshmellows with 3Tbs water in increments in the microwave. Mix in icing sugar (1-2lbs) and 'knead like you've never kneaded before'. I admit, the first time I did it i totally didn't like the feel of it so it languished in my freezer for weeks. Then I decided to use it up to cover a board and was amazed . It tastes good, it rolls...
Try Wilton's 'No Taste Red'. It'll turn pink before it turns red.
Do this one! It's absolutely gorgeous! AND she says it's quick....
Seriously. I would love to see pics of your homemade cake boxes!
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