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I see a lot of folks say freeze the cake in the box and take it out to thaw IN THE BOX UNTOUCHED the day before you need it and there'll be no problems. Me, I'd slice the fondant off, freeze, then re-decorate.
Here's what I'd do; (I sell a variation of these so I know what I'm talking about) Get a carton box that can hold your smallest lamp. Put the lamp in and turn it on. You now basically, have a kiln, Use ONLY a low wattage bulb as strong light and/or heat will make your stuff fade and/or melt! Make your shoe components and put them on paper-covered -and-dusted formers in the kiln. Close kiln and leave to dry.... Attach everything with royal icing when dry. Check for doneness...
It's a Friday night and I'm at home, that hasn't happened in a while (....that only SOUNDS bad; I work shift) And I'm at home trying to incorporate a crown in a lighthouse themed cake....HOW DO I? Please help me with some ideas! Oh did I mention? The cake's due in the next SEVEN HOURS?
Hi all.So I'm doing a cake for a sailor (due at I was going to do a lighthouse on a beach,,,then his girl calls a begs me to add in a crown since his name is King..So I need ideas on how to incorporate the two......Ideas, anyone?....... Ideas PLEASE!
That's a WHOLE LOTTA FLOWERS! I don't know what formula you use to determine your prices, but I find $150 to be low. These are HAND-CRAFTED FLOWERS! A WHOLE LOTTA THEM! I'd go in the neighbourhood of $250. And PLEASE recreate exactly!
There's no huge difference. I actually find it easier to use fresh.
Hi,I personally find both Grex and KopyKake to be bit pricey. pieceofcake561 had a post telling about the airbrush she bought. Here's the info Here is the link to the airbrush kit that I went with: I chose this one for many reasons. Here were some of the major deciding factors for me: From what I reaserched, Master Airbrush is a reliable brand. Also, the kit was perfect for what I needed... the website specifies that it is...
Go to NOW and check out the replay with Jennifer Dontz. Replays are only available for a short time so you should go NOW. She walks you through her gumpaste hydrangeas.
Actually, I'd usually bake a quarter sheet cake (9 by 13 inches) and do a buttercream transfer or fondant cut-out of the number. This way, there's enough cake to go around AND none of it is wasted.
I live in the Caribbean and it's HOT here. Is there anybody who lives in a HOT climate who's used ganache to get those nice sharp edges? Normally I'd experiment but chocolate couverture is EXPENSIVE here!
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