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It's a Friday night and I'm at home, that hasn't happened in a while (....that only SOUNDS bad; I work shift) And I'm at home trying to incorporate a crown in a lighthouse themed cake....HOW DO I? Please help me with some ideas! Oh did I mention? The cake's due in the next SEVEN HOURS?
Hi all.So I'm doing a cake for a sailor (due at I was going to do a lighthouse on a beach,,,then his girl calls a begs me to add in a crown since his name is King..So I need ideas on how to incorporate the two......Ideas, anyone?....... Ideas PLEASE!
That's a WHOLE LOTTA FLOWERS! I don't know what formula you use to determine your prices, but I find $150 to be low. These are HAND-CRAFTED FLOWERS! A WHOLE LOTTA THEM! I'd go in the neighbourhood of $250. And PLEASE recreate exactly!
There's no huge difference. I actually find it easier to use fresh.
Hi,I personally find both Grex and KopyKake to be bit pricey. pieceofcake561 had a post telling about the airbrush she bought. Here's the info Here is the link to the airbrush kit that I went with: I chose this one for many reasons. Here were some of the major deciding factors for me: From what I reaserched, Master Airbrush is a reliable brand. Also, the kit was perfect for what I needed... the website specifies that it is...
Go to NOW and check out the replay with Jennifer Dontz. Replays are only available for a short time so you should go NOW. She walks you through her gumpaste hydrangeas.
Actually, I'd usually bake a quarter sheet cake (9 by 13 inches) and do a buttercream transfer or fondant cut-out of the number. This way, there's enough cake to go around AND none of it is wasted.
I live in the Caribbean and it's HOT here. Is there anybody who lives in a HOT climate who's used ganache to get those nice sharp edges? Normally I'd experiment but chocolate couverture is EXPENSIVE here!
I've also spritzed with vodka just as well.
I'm a LAZY caker so what I do is spritz my cake with water then smooth with the spatula.
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