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Hi,I personally find both Grex and KopyKake to be bit pricey. pieceofcake561 had a post telling about the airbrush she bought. Here's the info Here is the link to the airbrush kit that I went with: I chose this one for many reasons. Here were some of the major deciding factors for me: From what I reaserched, Master Airbrush is a reliable brand. Also, the kit was perfect for what I needed... the website specifies that it is...
Go to NOW and check out the replay with Jennifer Dontz. Replays are only available for a short time so you should go NOW. She walks you through her gumpaste hydrangeas.
Actually, I'd usually bake a quarter sheet cake (9 by 13 inches) and do a buttercream transfer or fondant cut-out of the number. This way, there's enough cake to go around AND none of it is wasted.
I live in the Caribbean and it's HOT here. Is there anybody who lives in a HOT climate who's used ganache to get those nice sharp edges? Normally I'd experiment but chocolate couverture is EXPENSIVE here!
I've also spritzed with vodka just as well.
I'm a LAZY caker so what I do is spritz my cake with water then smooth with the spatula.
how about baroque cutters?
[quote="jason_kraft"]Just post a message on your web site explaining that you are suspending new orders, and you will be on sabbatical to focus on your education and your family. No further details or explanations are necessary.If you do decide to take orders again and want to keep volume low, increase your prices.[/quoteWow. Like, wow. You're supermom! Seriously, you're already more than halfway to your masters. Keep going. Like I tell my little ones 'the more you learn,...
Coming in late on the spider thing. In fact this isn't about the spider, it's about your 5. Is it that you held it up with a toothpick? If so, that won't work (as you noticed) I use 2 skewers. This way there's support through most of the figure AND 2 'legs' holding it in position.
I just had a shoe-gasm...THEN I had a cake-gasm. Oh! Um..sorry, I haven't a clue how this was done but your idea seems sound. Try it and see. There's a tutorial you can use as a starter and play around with it
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