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I freely admit it: I'm a bit of a Ludite. I simply CAN'T seem to figure it out. Tell me how? I know I saw a post here on CC, but of course now I can't find it..
I'm thinking the fondant'll be slimy if you eat it at the right temp for the ice-cream but the ice-cream's going to be a dripping mess if you wait for the fondant to thaw properly..
Did you buy red gumpaste? And you still want it more red? Hmm. I've never used the Color Mist, but I'm guessing you can practice LIGHTLY depressing the nozzle so that way you get a fine mist instead of a heavy spray of colour.
Errr...Sand sculpture? Sounds a bit beyond me...So obviously I'll try it next week. Thanks for the input.
Thank you JayBay! I'm going to do both!
Seriously. SIFT IT FIRST. Or else you could end up with splotches or lumps of color in your paste.
I see a lot of folks say freeze the cake in the box and take it out to thaw IN THE BOX UNTOUCHED the day before you need it and there'll be no problems. Me, I'd slice the fondant off, freeze, then re-decorate.
Here's what I'd do; (I sell a variation of these so I know what I'm talking about) Get a carton box that can hold your smallest lamp. Put the lamp in and turn it on. You now basically, have a kiln, Use ONLY a low wattage bulb as strong light and/or heat will make your stuff fade and/or melt! Make your shoe components and put them on paper-covered -and-dusted formers in the kiln. Close kiln and leave to dry.... Attach everything with royal icing when dry. Check for doneness...
It's a Friday night and I'm at home, that hasn't happened in a while (....that only SOUNDS bad; I work shift) And I'm at home trying to incorporate a crown in a lighthouse themed cake....HOW DO I? Please help me with some ideas! Oh did I mention? The cake's due in the next SEVEN HOURS?
Hi all.So I'm doing a cake for a sailor (due at I was going to do a lighthouse on a beach,,,then his girl calls a begs me to add in a crown since his name is King..So I need ideas on how to incorporate the two......Ideas, anyone?....... Ideas PLEASE!
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