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Jason the things you know are AMAZING! I'll definitely look into this.My CC as recently compromised but thankfully the CC company caught on before the transaction went  through. AND I usually shop at GSA. Hmm. I'm scared now. The thought of a life without GSA....IS. SO. SAD.Yep, gotta look into this virtual card thingy. Thanks Jason!
I'm DROOLING at the thought! PleasePLEASE SHARE! I've got a full shopping cart at Amazon AND at GSA that I don't want to checkout just yet simply because I've been waiting and hoping fervently that SOMEbody'd post a link to cool Black Friday cake toys! ...Can anyone tell that I'm excited at the very thought?
Start with the Wilton Pattern Presses . Then you can check on You Tube for more help.
Is your GUMpaste storebought or homemade? Homemade paste tends to be a bit stiff if you're not careful when making it. Stiff paste dries faster so if you don't work quickly enough, stuff'll crack. Could also be that things aren't thin enough. Strange but true. Do the projects crack while they're being made or while/after drying? If you don't knead throughly so that the paste is SMOOTH, cracking will happen as it dries. How long have you been...
Um...Gruffalo? Is that a giraffe/buffalo hybrid? Is this actually an animal? I'd help you, but    I'm lost!  
clikstix !
Have you checked for leopard print cakes in the galleries here? They're in all different background colors.
[quote=I'm a professionally trained cake designer. My simplest cakes start at $250 and go from there. If you aren't willing to pay for my skill and effort, go someplace else....especially if I've offered to donate my time as long as you pay for supplies. I have bills to pay just like everyone else..[/quote]Sisters. Grrr....What you said.So what's the problem? What you CAN do is tell them that you expect to be swamped ('expect" being the operative word here) that week...
Freeze. When you get home Thursday night, remove from freezer so that by the time you wake on Friday it'll be at a temp you can work with.
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