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I share your pain. I live in the glorious Caribbean and believe me it's not easy finding classes here that teach what I don't already know. I just spent a LOAD of money on a course and learnt 2 new things. I've decided to LIVE on Youtube, it's economically viable. Also I'll be investing in a bunch of books and dvd's on the subject. Might I suggest you do the same? For starters, head over to They do on-line classes and they're...
1st: d'you mean 'stacked'? 2nd:you can use cc filling on the inside instead of frosting on the outside and fulfil your obligation. 3rd: it's not a problem using cc frosting; I've done it before.
I was just there. I got a couple @$19.99 AND I picked up a couple free mini classes too! Great of you to post!  
I truly didn't think of doing this. I was prepared to just not shop there anymore. So I hopped across to the GSA site and left an e-mail. Hope they 're able to act on it......and I was careful to say 'it would SEEM that CC info is being accessed from the site'
Hmmm. Sports you say?
Well da...rn. I thought it was just me. I know I'm a bit -and not a little bit: a lotta bit- of a Ludite so I was hoping that at some point I'd become used to it. I'd sit and say sternly to myself: 'Self, if this were the only layout then you'd use it use it!' SO glad to know I'm not alone in this.
You're only doing 20 cakes per year THIS YEAR. What about next year? When  business is booming and you'll have alll sorts of folk with all sorts of tastes  asking you to do their cakes? Keep them.
I'll tell you what I tell everybody: YOUTUBE IS YOUR FRIEND! Also there's,,, Hop on-line and explore!
Jason the things you know are AMAZING! I'll definitely look into this.My CC as recently compromised but thankfully the CC company caught on before the transaction went  through. AND I usually shop at GSA. Hmm. I'm scared now. The thought of a life without GSA....IS. SO. SAD.Yep, gotta look into this virtual card thingy. Thanks Jason!
I'm DROOLING at the thought! PleasePLEASE SHARE! I've got a full shopping cart at Amazon AND at GSA that I don't want to checkout just yet simply because I've been waiting and hoping fervently that SOMEbody'd post a link to cool Black Friday cake toys! ...Can anyone tell that I'm excited at the very thought?
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