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I'm a stickler for gum glue (1 part tylose in 18 parts cold water and let dissolve) or royal icing.
How did you make your clouds on top?
OMG. I think yours is WAY cuter than the original!
Has anyone tried using their water brush with 'glue'?
S-o-o has anyone been brave enoughto go shopping online again with Global Sugar Art since they had their site hacked?
Silica gel
Never been opened? Not a problem!  Go ahead and use without guilt. You WILL be able to tell if they're going/have gone bad; they smell
I got mine at Product ID #18562, but then I got Product ID #28095 and life was a bit easier. I hesitate to shop at Global without a Paypal account because they were having problems a while back so I'd recommend going to and typing 'fondant butterfly cutters'
I LIKE how you think!
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