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marvelous molds again, using isomalt
marvellous molds tiara mold is your best bet:
Doesn't marina sousa use something called freeze spray?
I usually use the wilton mini wonder mold, but the mini ball pan is good too.
What mold is used to create these beads? Or is it single strings of pearls wrapped repeatedly?
It's on her website. I saw it in one of my ACD mags maybe last year and it seems to show how to make quite a few flowers using one set of cutters. Doesn't seem like it'd be a revision. I'd checked on Amazon too and saw the one you've got. It took me forever to figure how to navigate her site to find this one. Guess I'll HAVE to go buy it... Will let you know.
Does anyone own the book FLOWERS APLENTY by GERALDINE RANDLESOME? What are your thoughts on it?
So I looked up/tried to look up valve nozzles. Couldn't find them. Where do I get them? I'll buy them yesterday if they'll help give me non-tippy balls.
Where did you get your molds? and what is Unbreakable lace?
Sorry sweetie, I'm in the Caribbean. I don't envision travelling anytime soon..
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