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Im looking at setting up a cake decorating business from home and just wondered if anyone knows of any books that may help me please? Thankyou very much Kirsty
Ok that's great. Thankyou. I've found a recipe for piping gel as nowhere near me seems to sell it. Would this recipe work? Thanks again
I'm making a wine bottle cake and need a shiny glass look. I've heard vodka mixed with gel colouring works but I only have apple vodka and don't necessarily want to go and buy a whole bottle of vodka for a one off cake. Would the Apple flavour stay as the vodka dried? Thankyou
How many servings would you get from a 9x6x3 cake?
Thankyou. Yes I've got a few pics of the real thing. Just trying to find the dimensions. Thankyou for your help
Ok Thankyou very much. I might message you in a bit if that's ok?
I suggested that but yes she wants the whole cake to be a camera. When you say bake a 9x13x3 inch cake and put a lens on it, would it not need to be deeper than 3 inch to be realistic. This is where im a bit stuck as she wants it as close to the real thing as possible obviously. At the size you suggest I'm guessing it would need to be around 6 inch deep. That's giant! Haha. Oh I don't know...
I've been asked to make a camera cake to feed 30+. These are the dimensions of the planned cake...7.5 inch tall x 3.5 inch deep plus a 6 inch deep x 4.5 inch lens. How many would this feed. I worked it out as 14 serving from the main body and 8 from the lens. Is that about right? So in that case I need to make it bigger... any help would be very much appreciated x
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