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Hi peeps!   What colors do bakers use to color the fondant? Do you start with a base color like yellow and add from there? I usually use Spectrum brand.   Many thanks!!   Flo
I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been trying to type in keywords in the search engine and its giving an error message every time...anyone else having this problem??Is CC aware of this issue??
Hi!!I'm sure this has probably been posted before in the past, but I'm kind of on the fence about this issue.I offer somethings (small priced items) for free depending on how large an order is. But, I sometimes get clients that want price reductions even on small orders.What's the best way to handling these clients?? My prices are very reasonable to begin with, and going any lower would definitely be under pricing my products. Then they become the high maintenance clients...
Melt it down again and put in an air tight container. Leave it in room temperature, no need to refrigerate.
I would make an extra layer....I think they look nice when they are quite tall. I will be in the same boat as you next week. I'm making my first box cake for a couple celebrating their anniversary.Let us know how everything looks and post a picture please!
Ummm....real gold perhaps! LOL she's crazy that's way too much for dusting!
I would deal with this immediately by explaining the situation to your clients. Kindly return their money and refer them to another great baker in your area. You shouldn't put your family on hold for an order. You only live once. Mistakes happen, this won't ruin your biz.GL I hope you resolve this delimma.
LOL!!! I love that!!!!!!
Has anyone heard of a cute or sweet bridal shower phrase that can be put on a cake?The cake will be a giant nail polish. The client asked if I knew of any ideas on wording for the cake...I'm at a loss!Please send me your ideas!! THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE!!
To me you have two options:Option 1:Do not refund the money as your contract clearly states that it is non-refundable and all signs point to them perhaps "exaggerating" the cost of the serving charge from the venue. Which if they did lie about that, it's not cool, they should just be honest about it.Option 2:Refund a portion of the refund keeping the portion that you spent on the tasting. I think that is more than fair!Either way, it's your business and you feel have to be...
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