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so what if there is a lot of color? Can you dye the white chocolate? Or do you use the candy melts then?
I am sorry but what do you mean by morsels or bark? Is this a brand or do you mean chocolate bark?
I have been using the wilton ones and loose ones purchased from bulk barn and I am getting really really inconsistent results. So so far my cake pops have been costing me a fortune to make And they have been kinda frustrating. They tend to be lumpy and burn before they ever get thin enough to cover a pop nicely.
wow grandmomof1 thank you!!! I have not been able to make what I purchased work but I think your suggestion will fix it yippee!!!
here is a tutorial:
What do you use for your fondant lettering? Can you recommend specific fonts/molds/cut outs? Or do you do it by hand?
sorry this is such a simple question but I have not been decorating for long. What do you put your cake on? I think the silver cake boards often detracts from the cake design. I know you can cover them in fondant but that always struck me as an expensive way to cover the board. I am sure there are solutions to this but I have no idea where to start looking. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
thanks. That gives me a better idea. Would you also charge for set up too?
what do you charge for delivery? I have been asked to make cupcakes for a wedding that is about 35 km (20 miles?) away. I include local delivery (for orders above $60) but I don't have a rate for further then that.
I am making a cake for my hubbies friend. It is for her 2 year old's birthday. She keeps changing her mind. First it was a cars cake, then a license plate cake and now she is just wanting something plain and simple. Not too much colored icing.I mean I guess I could just ice a cake with white icing and maybe write happy birthday on it but that seems kinda boring to me. Any ideas on what I can do that would be a good compromise? Use some decorating skills but still...
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