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I have been asked to make a doll cake of Belle from the Enchanted Christmas movie. She has sleeves with ruffles around the cuffs. Am I nuts to attempt this? I have never made a doll cake before.
I think I may ask for some cake stuff for christmas from hubby (he needs a specific list lol). What do you have that you love?
apple butter is a great idea! I even have some that I made recently in my fridge but I had not thought of it. Thank you!!There is no milk in the recipe I use which is what is causing some of my difficulty All that red dye in red velvet is definitely gross but I have a friend who is getting married and really wants red velvet cupcakes for her wedding. I have an oil recipe I have used before but the SW recipe is better so I was hoping to adapt it to red velvet. Don't...
A friend has asked me to make her a doll cake. She wants Belle in her Christmas dress (from the christmas movie). This will be my first doll cake. Any tips? Is it pretty straight forward?
So far the Sylvia Weinstock classic yellow cake is by far my favorite cake recipe. I have adapted it to make chocolate by replacing some flour with cocoa and it was amazing. I replaced the sour cream for pumpkin and added spice and got a great pumpkin cake. I would love to have just one go to recipe that I adapt to different flavours. But what do I do if the flavour is a liquid? Can I replace the sour cream with a liquid? i.e. with apple cider to make apple spice...
I buy the pre-made gumpaste and do a 50/50 mix as well.
I don't even know what the flower is called so it makes it hard to find a tutorial. I am not sure how to attach a picture but here is a link to a tinkerbell cake. I want to make the purple flower that looks like some type of...
i used this and it worked well
wow, this sounds fascinating. I would love to see a picture of the final cake
ok thank you. That helps. I want to make the mario mushroom pops from Bakerella, so I need white and red. Maybe I will use white morsels for the white then and look for some better candy melts for the red. I will try to find Merkens
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