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I am considering being a food vendor at some local craft shows. I thought I would decorate cookies and cupcakes. Does anyone know what I need for product quantities compared to show attendance? i.e. if they typically get 1000 attendees how many cupcakes/cookies should I have?
the last couple of cakes I have done have 'love handles' i.e. the fondant seems to push out slightly half way down the sides of the cake (where the cake is filled). I am not sure what I am doing differently that is causing this. Maybe too much filling?
lol ok, no custard. Thanks everyone
I am making the wedding cake for my cousin's wedding. My daughter is also in the wedding party. So it is a busy couple of day.Due to timing (decorating time, travel, rehearsal etc.) the cake will need to sit overnight plus out at the hall. (so over 24 hours at least). I have a moist cake and buttercream that will be fine but I have never done a vanilla custard before so I need a recipe that will not go bad in that time. Please help!!!
how much information do you give when putting together a cake quote? I generally have a first email that requests some basic info i.e. size of the cake, date needed, ideas/themes etc.And then I spend hours coming up with ideas and describing different options. It seems ridiculous to me how much time I spend putting together a quote.What info do you include in your quotes?
Thank you so much for the advice. I agree that facebook is not enough. Most of my cakes have been sold to former contacts and to moms in my moms group and I have more contacts that are not on facebook that I am neglecting. I am working on getting a website and it is almost finished. But if the website is going to work I need to find ways to send people to it. Maybe samples are the way to go. I guess I mostly do children's cakes right now. That isn't ideal as that is...
I started taking cake decorating classes as a way to get out of the house after becoming a mom. I am now am a stay at home mom and I have a small cake business (i do a couple cakes a month). My business is only 8 months old and I know it takes time to grow but I would like to do bigger orders and/or more cakes. I have a facebook page with 185 fans but only about 20 of those have actually ordered a cake from me. So far facebook has been my main source of advertising. I...
I am just starting to offer smash cakes. I am offering a 4" round or a large cupcake shaped cake of the same size free with the purchase of a first birthday cake. I don't offer just a smash cake.
I have been playing around making 3D fondant characters but since the fondant is so heavy the parts of the characters are drying short and flat on the bottom. How do I support them while they dry so they don't flatten? I am using the fondant as you would form clay. Should I be wrapping it around rice krispies squares instead? the figures are not huge (head diameter is around 2 inches)
thank you for the advice I have a kitchenaid mixer which I adore and I have done all the wilton courses.I think I would love Agbay but that is not likely to be in the budget so I will just start saving I am going to look into the fondant mats, that sounds really good as I do have difficulty with it stretching and tearing at times. what is the pasta roller for? Do you use it to roll fondant?
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