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I did a moms event, it was for a Halloween party so I had a straightforward theme. I have a pic but I can't figure out how to attach it. I did a small cake, cookies and cupcakes. If you want to see the pic then send me a pm. I am also in Ontario so if you want to know about food laws send me a pm and I will share what I know
I want to make some chocolates but I need them to last 4 weeks minimum. I was looking at truffles but I don't think they will last so I am now thinking I will do molded chocolates. I want to fill them but I am having a terrible time trying to find any recipes or ideas online -- i just can't narrow down the search to what i really want. Any ideas?
for me much of my business has come from word of mouth. you can get page 'likes' through forums, facebook ads, networking groups but I have not found that those translate into much actual business. Make samples for whoever you are connected to -- friends, family, coworkers, etc -- they may not buy from you but they are often your best resource to get started as they are the people that are most likely to spread the word. You could try renting a table at a craft show or...
anyone??? pretty please??
How did it go esq1031? I am considering being a vendor at an upcoming craft show and seeking the same type of answers
I could not see the ipod cake (link did not work) but I think the xbox cake looks great. I think most boys that age would love it! I like your idea of oreo fondant -- that sounds good
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a variety of cookie cutters in Canada? I am specifically looking for ballet themed cookies cutters at the moment, I need them for an order in two weeks so i am not certain I could get them from the states in time.
I think you will find the carving easier then you expect, the buttercream icing between layers holds it all together really well. good luck!!
I have made the no fail sugar cookie recipe off of this site before. I don't think the cookies will last a month but I have had pretty good success freezing them either before they are decorated or even after they are decorated with royal icing.Depending on what you are using them for freezing them may be more practical then finding a cookies that lasts that long.
I like Sylvia Wienstock's yellow cake, it is sweet I don't think cake should taste like cornbread either
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