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If it were me I would do royal icing or fondant as I would be concerned about them holding up for the drive. But if you choose buttercream I think one that is made strictly without butter should at least be safe to eat after the trip.
I have a customer that is doing an American doll party for her daughter. She wants loot bag cookies to go with the theme. I was at a complete loss on what to quote so I quoted on dress cookies, purses, and the American Doll logo. I don't think she was thrilled about any of the options but she agreed to the dresses. I was just planning to look at a couple styles of the doll's dresses and see if I could replicate them in cookie form. But honestly I just don't think the...
as others have said, I would not cover the edges unless it is a small (light) cake but I am intrigued by the idea of the 'feet'. I like the look of textured fondant wrapped around the board. Also, I have been using a glue gun to hold the ribbon but I like the idea of a pin
yes, i have made the icing as usual and then added the cocoa and black coloring. But I often use royal icing for cookies, not flowers, so it may be more different to get the consistency you need if you are making flowers.
I have added black and then cornstarch to thicken it back up. The problem I find is that if you eat it your mouth goes black/purple (yuck). I have had much better success with adding cocoa powder first as it thickens and darkens the royal icing and so I need a lot less black coloring.
hmm to me I think it is chocolate mint yum!
the cupcake liners? They are expensive aren't they. I think they can be made with some of the scrapbooking cutters (like the cricut or silhouette? cutting machines) but I don' t know of another way.
I hate making red icing and try to avoid it or buy it. Here is a post from the wilton site on how to make red icing. I hope it helps.
it depends a lot on the recipe you use. I would try to knock a day off of that schedule if you can. I think cakes last really well iced and covered in fondant but you plan to leave it 24 hours without icing or fondant. If you can I would bake Thursday night, wrap in it saran wrap on Friday morning and then ice and decorate Friday night. If not, at least wrap it up on Thursday morning.
I use the one off the box but just sub oil for the rice krispies. Here is the link: is a diff ratio, 4 cups marshmallows and 6 cups rice krispiesI also put them in the fridge for awhile to firm up after I press them into the pan.
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