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yes, I was trying to find this as well.  There is a 'most viewed' section when you are browsing the recipes but I don't think it works for a search.  
I have been asked to create a cake for a party celebrating 4 birthdays.  It is a small party (20ish) so I can't do multiple layers.  I need to find someway to incorporate multiple themes into one cake, or find one overall theme.   Here is the client's description: One guy is turning 48. Another is turning 20 another is 25 and one girl is 22. Yikes I know! They r a musically inclined family. Two r students and the girl is a model.   It isn't a lot to go on but it...
I just purchased one of the classes and I am only part way through. It has been great so far and I learned a few great things Microwaving and refrigerating gumpaste... who knew??? Lol, well I didn't anyway
Thank you!! I just wanted to make sure it was possible before I quoted.
that is a problem. There are a lot of points to consider. But honestly, if it were me and it was a friend doing this then I would either explain my concern and/or offer to bake a plain iced kids cake. Maybe you could try to make a marketing opportunity of it -- add a business card in with each slice of cake sent home.
It looks like I am going to be teaching for Wilton at one of the local stores. Does anyone on here do this? Any advice? Do you enjoy it?
My client wants an elephant cake topper holding a floating balloon. I realize the 'string' attaching the balloon would be wire but still wouldn't a 3D gumpaste balloon be too heavy to hold up? I have done 2D stars and hearts in the past and they sag. Do I just need a stronger wire?
I have a small cake business (home -- approved in canada) and I have just been offered a job as a Wilton instructor at a local store. Financially it seems ok, I can do one or two mid-week classes that will be the equivalent in time and income to two good sized cake orders per month.I am excited but cautious. Any tips? Advice? I am Wilton trained and I like that they offer merchandise and training to go along with the job. Is it worth it?
I love and hate getting orders from friends and family. I doubt if I am getting the order because they like my cakes or because they want to 'do me a favour'. I am flattered but then I get paranoid and nervous. Ugh it sucks. but honestly if she has seen similar cakes that you have done then she knows what to expect. Don't doubt yourself, you will do great Have fun with it.
great advice -- thanks
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