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I have a client that purchases chocolates and desserts on a monthly basis that they send out to their clients by mail.  I would like to provide them with a french macaroon that will have a shelf life of at least 2 weeks (to get through the mail).  I have never made macaroons (this order has me hopping each month for new ideas) but I love the colours and presentation of macaroons so I would like to try.  But I understand they are very perishable, however I do see...
My understanding is that whipped cream icing will cause fondant to break down so look into that before you decide to go that way.  When I make  strawberry buttercream I blend frozen strawberries, jam and a bit of lemon juice to the buttercream to flavour it.  
I want to buy a cupcake stand that I can place a small cake on top for weddings.   I want as much flexibility as I can get to use it with different sized orders.  Do you have any recommendations on what I should purchase?  Also, what do you charge for stand rental?
This is such a hard one.  I have had some difficult clients that turn into the best advocates for my business.  But I think it is ok to be honest and say that you don't feel that you and the client are on the same page and that you think she/he should look for a different decorator.  However, if the event is close or if you have accepted a deposit you may end up with an angry customer.  
I have never tried selling them separately but I would suggest looking around on etsy to get an idea of pricing.
I use fondant and tylose as well.  To avoid cracks in your fondant make sure you have kneaded it really really well, it should be a stretchy consistency.  Then ball it up and squish it in your hands to get rid of any cracks, then slowly ball it up again and make sure you don't have any cracks.  If you do, squish again and roll again until you have no cracks.  HTH  
what recipe did you use for the icing?  I find the "Decorators cream cheese icing' on this site to be very good.  It makes a very stiff icing which I think is great for cupcakes.  If I need to ice a cake with it I thin it down.  
I have painted with a luster dust/vodka mix on royal icing on cookies so I assume you could do the same on a cake :)   And yes, I let the icing dry before I painted  
I asked for more details and it turns out the whole family is also very techy (more then musical) so I think I am going to do an iPad cake with different apps for each person... what do you think?  I seem to be experience creative-cake block lol.  
I agreed to make a cake for my daughter's school for a silent auction. Life got busy and I have left it to last minute (it is this Wednesday) and now I am trying to decide what to do. It is for a nursery school, so probably my best bet is to do a kids cake. I did not leave myself a lot of time for gumpaste to dry... I think it is a good marketing opportunity and I want the school to do well from the cake so I want to impress. Any suggestions? TIA :)
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