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Hi EveryoneI am in search of a good Mocha Cup Cake recipe - could someone, please share with me?Cheers
It looks lovely: good job!!I have a question about MMF. I covered a cake with MMF (home-made) and found it was rubbery/chewy when we cut the cake - does anyone have any ideas?
Hi GinnHow you doing? I am alright - just lazying around. Soon be gone home from Dubai.Ginn, one of my long time (childhood) dreams is to open up my own cake decorating shop in Sri Lanka. Now is the time to do so, and I am seriously thinking about it - I have a very good location and I would get a small shop built asap.Just wondering, what would be the best name for it? My first name is Kaly -There is this one name that came into my mind and that is - Kaly Kreates or...
Hi Girls & BoysCould someone please share a cup cake recipe that uses oil instead of butter?Cheers
What a good Topic? Many thanks for that and I am looking forward to see what others have to say.By the way can someone explain Viva Method? pls
Thank you KrissieCakes;I value your post.
Please have a look at this website
Many thanks for your help: yes, here in this part of the world; I can get Glad Wraps easily. May God bless youThanks a million for replying meSincerelyKaly
Oh..Hi Thank you for your speedy reply: is it kind of cling-film?How are you? Having a good day? It is still 7:30am here in Abu Dhabi.Cheers
Here is a good recipe for you for Pastillage450 g sifted icing sugar1 Tbsp gum trag4 Tbsp warm water1 1/2 Tbsp Glucose Syrup (Light Corn Syrup)How would you use sticks for this kind of shape? I guess this is the only solution; make and sue the above paste. Very important DRY THEM SEVERAL DAYS INSIDE THE HOUSE BEFORE ATTACH ONTO THE BODY or before standing the horse - you can use support till it completely dry and then slowly remove the support.
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