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You can look on youtube, there are a lots of good videos, just type covering cakes (round and squares) with fondant. You will need fondant smoothers and pizza cutter. If you are using home made fondant, you need to pour powdered sugar when you are rolling the fondant and not to roll it very thin because it can cracks.. Sorry on my not so great english, hope i helped you
i also make my RI with 2 egg whites, 250g powdered sugar and 1 tsp lemon juice. It is very easy to make but quite fragile. (i made cindarella carriage few days ago with this RI and it survived very bad road but it didnt survived a lot of children ) (its in my photos)
Thank both of you )) i will definitely try all of them and find what is the best solution for me. Thank you Panel and Ursula very much
Hi! I live in Serbia and all global sites doesnt do shipping here and thats a very big problem for me. My friend is moving to Germany so I was thinking if anyone can tell me from which sites do you order (molds, mats,... and especially disco dust im so sad i dont have it) I thought she can order and buy it for me and bring me here, she agreed. So, if you live in Germany, please tell me how do you buy interesting stuff fot cakes.P.S. Sorry on my bad english and thank you
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