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You will find a good one on by Emeril Lagasse. It even has a sweet pie crust recipe to go with it.
Thank you both so much for the info.
Can somebody tell me the Viva paper towel method. I keep hearing about how good it works. I can't seem to find the method in the forum. Thanks.
I have a request for a crane bird sheetcake for a birthday. The last name of the recipient is Crane. I have been trying to come up with something creative, but sure could use some help. Thank You.
Thank you so much.
How many cups are in a 1 lb bag/box of powdered sugar? For some reason I just lost my memory? Could it be children? Thanks for your help.
oops! sorry. Hyperlink didn't work. Is this it?This day, my Julia, thou must makeFor Mistress Bride the wedding-cake:Knead but the dough, and it will beTo paste of almonds turn'd by thee;Or kiss it thou but once or twice,And for the bride-cake there'll be spice. Hope I helped.
Is this the poem you were looking for?[/url]
My sister has requested a tinkerbell cake for my niece's 2nd birthday. Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Michelle
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