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  What should I use to do the gold decoration and how do I pipe it on?  The cakes will be covered in buttercream.  Royal icing?  Buttercream?  Stencil?  Thanks for any help!
I would love to hear from a few more people who have used the BUTTERCREME and/or BETTERCREME how it works with decorating a cake, specifically, can you smooth either one using the VIVA method?  Thanks
      A friend of mine wants me to do her wedding cake and she sent me this picture.  She likes the monogram and accents beside it.  How was that done?  They can't be edible, can they?  They almost look like the premade ones you buy for like scrapbooking.  Any ideas?
I know some people would discourage the use of tape due to food safety issues but you can grease the ribbon yourself before putting it on the cake by either spraying it with Pam or using Crisco.  Then run your fingers along it to make sure the entire ribbon is covered.  The ribbon will soak up the grease and therefor will not look splotchy when put on the cake.  But keep in mind, the color of the ribbon will darken a tad from the grease so keep that in mind when choosing...
This happens to me a lot too.  Make sure the cake is on a supportive, non flexible base.  That helps as well.  If it's not, once you go to move it, it will crack.  HTH!
  Any help is greatly appreciated!  This looks like a lot of labor to cover a 12" round.  Someone asked me to make it for their wedding and I'm just wondering how many hours that might take just for the bottom!
So I'm on my regular computer now. Here is a picture of the cake I did. My intention was to make the flowers go all around but once I realized how my ribbon each one took and how long it took me to make each one, I changed my mind! It was for a friend's bridal shower so it was fine. Thanks for finding the link!
I made the flowers on the counter flat and then when they were semi-dry I attached them to the cake. Semi-dry was to ensure I could curve the flower to lay on the side of the cake correctly. I did start out folding down the side of the ribbon to give it something to grab to but that was a pain so what I did was use the end of my paint brush and used it to kind of stretch and poke the edge of the ribbon to the circle base. The ribbons will kind of fall in all directions...
I did a similar ribbon cake and I had to ask that same question! I ended up using 50/50 gumpaste and fondant. I first cut out large circles to use as a base for each fIower. Then I rolled my 50/50 really thin and cut into strips. I ruffled the edges and used gum glue to attach to the circle. I started in the center and wrapped it around. It took many strips to make just one flower. I overlapped the strips a little bit when wrapping. I used a tool to go back and...
Hate to break it to you but to feed 150 that cake size will not work. You will need to go bigger unless you do a sheet cake in the back or cupcakes to go with a smaller display cake. I wouldn't use a 12 in. tier on a 12 in. stand either. So she needs to either get a bigger stand or you will need to offer her the cupcake or sheet cake ideas. Once that is determined, then you can work on the design. Good luck!
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