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Isn't anyone monitoring what is getting posted on the gallery?  The depiction of a male member is one thing but the depiction of a small girl clinging to one is beyond in bad taste.  Please delete these from the gallery.
I have used Wilton's white buttercream recipe for years. Probably available on their website.   Everyone loves it and it is crusting.  Seals over on the outside and stays creamy underneath.
God bless you. I have two more months of chemo for colon cancer and I have no strength for a cake. Even cuppies is an almost insurmountable chore. One day up and one day down.I understand your concern after surgery. I am meeting more and more people with long time recovery from all sorts of cancers who are all the way back to normal. I'm sure you will be too.
Cutting it without a hot knife is not pretty. I've made several and slicing in an issue. I like the idea of adding a little shortening and will try that next time. I also want to try pouring into the pan as SuzyQ suggested. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Not an expert but seems like it would have something to do with the moisture level in the cake. Could it have to do with temperature of ingredients used? I would be crying too. Anxious to hear what more experienced bakers have to say.
Hope I'm not double posting but first one didn't take.Lemon/creamcheese is delicious. Think old time icebox lemon cheesecake. Try it and let us know which recipe you decided on. Good luck.
What a unique experience. Congratulations on that.
Undergoing chemo right now and I can tell you that affirmations are very uplifting. Maybe you could find a short affirmation of life to incorporate into the design somehow.
Double check this but I think you can substitute this for cake flour - 1 cup ap flour with two tablespoons removed and replaced with cornstarch. I've used this method before and don't know where I wrote it down. On my way to chemo so no time to search but maybe google cake flour substitute.
I didn't notice the difference in size until I had the cake all mixed and noticed it was wetter than it used to be. I've read that some use the same recipe and their cakes come out the same. Not for me. Next time I'll add the extra 2 oz as Suzylynn58 does.
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