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Hi u all great bakersi have just received feedback from two clients i made vanilla cakes for last week.The first one said her cake was tasty the day she collected the collected the cake but second day inwards the cake was flaking off and the whipping cream was separating,she said the cake looks like its about to fall apart,it cracking.Second client said her cake tastes like stale bread,and its just falling apart.Surely two clients cant be wrong,what could have gone wrong.i...
thanx guys will definately give ur suggetions a try am sure i will eventually find something that will work for for someone to help dont have anyone yet ?
am abt 6weeks preg and nausea is getting the best of me.cant stand smell even those i used to love...cinnamon. Am really strugling and at the same time dont want to disapoint my clients.
i tried the cake.very funny shoe i made.
i have tried to look for it but i cant find seeing pictures not templates.if can help with the link please.
i am making a cake for a baby welcome party for a baby boy. and i would like to put cute tinny shoes cake topper but have no clue how to make one.
approximately how many cake orders do u push out every week?
making a make for a clients dad,and i want to make a shirt and tie cake.But i have never done it before.please someone help with a link or tutorials or something.Thank u
how else can i decorate a fresh cream chocolate cake besides putting chocolate shavings and else do i make it different especially for a birthday. And how do i write on fresh cream.
i used recipe posted in recipes by brandy7909,..Red Velvet Cake and icing.I didnt get to the icing though was disappointed with the results.
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