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 I totally agree!! Like I said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! " :(
Thank you!! I was like where is the search button!! Everything used to be so easy on here now they've made everything complicated!! Why fix it if it ain't broke!! :( Where is the search button when you are looking for specific cakes?? 
Thank you for all your advice!! It's a lot to think about! I don't want to undercut myself! It is a lot of work and have been getting paid way less than what I should have been getting paid!! This will help me figure out a plan to make sure I make a profit and continue building my business!
I have started making cakes within this past year... I took a few basic Wilton courses and the rest is self taught!! I don't know what to charge so if anyone out there can help me through this I would REALLY appreciate it!! I make a lot of stacked cakes with decorations that take some time to do. Some people tell me to charge a whole lot and others tell me not too. I have made cakes that take hours to make, I don't want to overcharge, but don't want to short change myself...
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