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Brilliant. Thank you for that.Do you know if there is a sitting position one?
Hi christineCMCHope your cake turns out fine and hope you can post us a picture when it is done. The most difficult part for me was the ruffled tulip but everything else was pretty straight forward.Good luck with it
Does anybody know of any tutoriols on making a spiderman figure?I have seen a cake with spiderman sitting on it on here but cant quite figure out how to get the figure correct
To all the people who gave me advice for my twilight cake, thank you.Here is a picture of the finished cake. I was quite happy how it turned out.....apart from the ruffled tulip, it prooved harder than I thought Hope you like it
Thank you for both replies. I gave them both a go and am happy with the results
Please help.....Can anybody tell me how I can get rid of the white marks on my black fondant iced cake?I have made a Twilight cake for my daughters birthday today but am not happy with the finish. Can anybody tell me how I can give it a bit of a shine. Iv tried steaming it and brushing it with vodka....but no joy!!!
Thank you for the links. The second one about buttercream domes is just what im after
Does anyone know how you make the domed cupcakes, they are so cute.I understand you probably put buttercream under the fondant but how do you make it so as not to flatten when you cover it? Anyone know of any tutoriols?
A parrot tulip.....ok, I will google it Thank you, everyone has been so helpful.I am not making this cake until middle of March but I will try post a picture
Thank you so much, what a brilliant cake and shows the flower better than any others I have looked through.You were so helpful Thank you.
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