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I'd like to make them from fondant
Can anybody help me with this.........I want to learn how to dress figures. At the minute I can only make them look like they are wearing trousers/shorts and t shirts.Does anybody know of any tutoriols or websites that show this?
Thank you.
Thank you for your help. I have taken your advice and so far it is working fine.Thank you
This might be a better example -
Please can anybody help me.I want to make a figure similar to this one - am making a cake for my grandsons birthday and I want to make a figure of him standing but dont know how to do it without it falling over
I am a member of this site on facebook but didnt realise you could subscribe to tutoriols. Have just taken a look and there are some brilliant vids on there. Would love to learn the "standing up guy". Did try standing up people once but wasnt very good I came across a site called "Lovely Tutoriols" which has bride and grooms etc on there. The detail isnt that good and I think it is in Russian but it gives a little idea on how to make them. Could be worth a look Thanks...
Thank you Spantchr.I also have bought the victorian lady tutoriol but funnily enough, have never used it! Dont even know now where it is!! It could be still in my e mail account somewhere. I must look.Good luck with your bride and groom, hope you can post me a picture of it when you complete it, I would love to see it. Maybe you could PM me
I have some of Lorraines tutoriols. I bought the face one and have tried making them a few times. Does take some practice I have to say Thanks for your help.
Thank you for this, I might give it a try I wonder if you can buy these moulds from E bay. I will take a look.
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