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     Thank you for your reply. Do you think I have wrapped mine correctly as im paniking a bit about it being     soggy :( or not tasting right. I did double wrap it in cling film/
I made a madeira cake last week for a party this coming saturday and put it in the freezer. Can anybody tell me how it should be de-frosted and how long it should take. It is a 10" cake and it is double wrapped in cling film.   I am panicking that it might not taste good as it is the first paid for cake that I have made.   Thanks for your help.
           Thank you :)
Can I make pastillage or do I need to buy it? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question :)  
I am making a model of a little girl and want to give her "curly hair".   I have made long hair in the past but it ends up quite brittle. Is there a way to make it so it will be a little stronger. I normally use sugarpaste and add tylose to it.   Thanks.
Wow - look what I started :)   Thank you ApplegumPam and VKakes11 for clearing things up with Kazita. And thanks for the pics too.   It made me chuckle. Seems I am no further on but thanks for your help.  
It is made from the same plastic though as straws so do you think it would just be the same ? It just means that there would be little straws all hidden inside the cake :(
Can anybody tell me is it safe to put onion grass straight into cakes for decoration or should I use straws?   Thanks
Oh dear, very strange!! I get it though, thankyou for your help :)  
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