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Thank you for the link. I was not aware of it.I have just taken a look but unfortunately the links that other users have given to tutoriols seem to be outdated and no longer in use. I will keep trying. Thanks again
I want to make a cake for my husband for his 50th birthday. I'v toyed with all kinds of ideas that i have found on CC. There was an Over The Hill Graveyard cake a motorbike. AAAAGH. I'm so confused. Dont know what to do.I'v come to the decision that I may make a simple two tier, but I want to add figures of myself and my children sitting on and around it. I'v got Aines tutoriol of face making but dont know how to make the bodies.I can do simple bodies, you know, sausage...
Thank u Bluehue for the link.
I might bake this tomorrow so I will let you know, but i'm torn between this and a Guinness and Baileys cupcake recipe i'v found. Mmmm They both sound so nice
Has anybody tried the Red Velvet Revenge Cake in the recipes section? I was thinking of having a go at it. It doesnt say what size tins to use, although it does say to use 3 of them. I was guessing 8inch.Also, has anybody any idea what the conversions are from US to UK?
Oh right. Thank you Bashini. Thought it was something to do with E bay haha I just had look at your link and I think I want one!!
[quote="jillyscakes"]How about the agbay [/quoteAt the risk of sounding stupid wot is an agbay?
What a wonderful thing to look forward too. Lets hope it does.
Well Bakencake, I definitely will be searching out the Tequilla and vanilla extract for sure. It is quite expensive here. I have been watching a programme about Mexican food and can't wait to get there. I've had the usual like, fajitas and chilli etc, but heard about the traditional mex breakfast of fried egg on tortilla with chilli tomato sauce. Sounds fab. Aracely30 Thank you. I shall be messaging your friend later. Just off to work As regard your corn syrup. We...
Thankyou for the web address. I've just had a quick peek at the cake decorating selection and i'm green with envy that you lucky Americans have that store There's so much choice haha. I would love to work somewhere like that. Wow going to work would be so much fun.And thankyou Bakencake. I shall seek out the Vanilla when I get there
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