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Thank you for all your replies and links.I wondered if anybody knew of maybe a UK alternative that I could use? Do you think it could be Angel Delight?
Hi, does anybody know what a "jello vanilla pudding mix" is, or what I could use in place of it. I found a nice recipe for a rum cake but it calls for this! I'm flumexed by the US Thanks for any help.
I normally use one of Carol Deacons recipes for a madeira cake and it always tastes really nice. Could I just add lemon zest to that and replace the milk with lemon juice?I will try adding some flowerpaste. That is something that i've not used yet. Maybe the sugarpaste that im using is not that good. There are so many different ones on the market that a lot of things are trial and error. I bought one of Aine2 tutoriols on head making and oh my god my models look like...
Any chance of the recipe? Sounds great
I use Regal ice mostly but I have recently been using Silver Spoon. It really is impossible sometimes It is so soft. Not bad for just covering a cake but, no no, not so good for modelling. I also use Dr Oetker.I have never heard of Cova Thank you for your suggestions regarding the lemon cake. I'l have a look at that.
Can anybody help me with a good recipe for a lemon cake?I want to make a 10inch round cake with lemon curd and buttercream filling. It will have a 6inch cake stacked on top. (No idea what flavour this will be yet but all ideas gratefully received). I am going to be adding fondant figures so it will need to be quite a good firm recipe. Also can I ask what do I need to add to my fondant paste to make it a bit more firm? I have been using CMC but it doesnt seem to be making...
You should use teflon sheets then. Much safer haha
Dont you have teflon sheets in the US? Thats what I use. Just cut them to size to fit the bottom of my tins and never a problem.
Oh well I decided on the guinness and baileys and they were great. Had few problems. The ganache wasn't thick enough so I had to whisk it, which then ended up as chocolate cream But it still tasted good. And the cake part tasted a bit too bitter for me. Don't know if it was me putting too much cocoa, not enough sugar Maybe it is meant to taste like that because of the guinness. Anyway made up for it with the baileys buttercream Probably over the limit to drive if...
Thank you so much. I will be going through this list thoroughly and will definitely be bookmarking the page.
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