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Thank you for your replies, they were both very helpful. And thank you Jamandbuttercream for the link.
Can anybody tell me how to make glasses for my fondant model? And what wire would I need?Thanks.
Yes, that's them! [/quote]I have been searching for these for ages. Just come across this forum and i'm absolutely thrilled I am going to order these right now. Thank you. Thank you Thank you
I have just looked at your photos and they are amazing. If it wasn't for this discussion thread, I would not have seen half of these cakes. I would love to be able to make models like yours, but no matter how much I practice, they seem to come out looking like the cookie monster or a sumo.
Well I have just been through the photos belonging to all of you and there is a lot of very good work in there. Obviously too many to possibly comment on, but you should all be very proud. If it wasn't for this site and all of your photos there would be no one to inspire us. I am learning a lot from everyone on here even if it is just through reading all the forum posts.I tend just to flick quickly through most of the pictures until I see the one that i am needing at...
What an amazing cake. You are so talented. Well done. If only I was half that talented, I would be thrilled.
Thank you all for your help. I'l keep you informed on that one.Now, what about white cake mix? Anyone any ideas what that is
When you say a "pudding mix" is it one that you would normally just mix with milk? We have that kind of mix, and it is what we would have for a dessert. It is branded as Angel Delight and it is like a powder. I don't know if it is the same thing
What about Baileys buttercream. Thats really nice and ideal for a grown up party I made some recently with the chocolate ganache somebody suggested and that is really nice.
Yeah I might try, but it seems weird to put AD mix in a cake I'l let you know if I try it.
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