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Hope someone can help, I saw a recipe a while back for a cake which used whole tangerines or manderins. You boil them and then whizz them up in a blender. It is meant to make a really moist cake but I cant remember where I saw the recipe or how to make it, have a feeling it was a Nigella one but not having any luck.If anyone can help I would be made up Thanks.
Just thought id let you know how I got on with my cake.I tried both the sugar syrup (didnt put too much on) and I did the extra layer, which I think is one of the best tips i'v ever got by the way, and they did the trick. Needn't have worried.So a big THANK YOU to all the people who helped me out .Mo
Would you mind sharing your recipe?
Does anybody know if it is ok to mix buttercream and double (heavy) cream together?I am topping a cake but buttercream alone can be too sweet. Do you think the two together will work and how would I do it. Would I beat the double cream first till it was thick then add it or mix it into the buttercream while it is still liquid to get the correct consistency?Thanks
Great idea
Thank you to everyone for all your great ideas, they all sound possibles. Might go with the sugar syrup one though as the cake is for me any way. I will definitely try the freezing method though on future cakes.Cheers
Do you know how I would make the syrup?
Thank you for your advice. I did not use oil, I used butter.I will wait and see if anyone advises anything else before I decide.
Does anybody have any ideas what I can do to revive my dry red velvet cake Think I went and overcooked it, but dont have time or ingredients to start again. I will be covering it with some sort of buttercream.Thanks for any help.
Sorry about the duplicate replies, having some problems with my computer
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