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I am planning on making Anxelis Christmas Eve cake.She says she uses MM fondant for the front walls etc, but I dont know what that is. Think it is what US use.Can anybody recommend some other recipe that I can use that will work just the same.Thanks
can anybody tell me what "tempered chocolate" is please?
I did soak the fruit over night in brandy so fingers crossed it will stay moist.Thank you for your help.
I used a Lindy Smith recipe. Thankyou for your help and advice, il give it bit more brandy in few weeks then.
I have fed it twice upto now and just one little spoonful each time. Was just worried it might be bit dry, but didnt want to put too much alcohol in it.
I made my christmas cake two weeks ago and i've been feeding it with brandy, does anyone know if it is ok to use , say, pure orange juice or another fruit juice instead. Dont want it to be overpowered with alcohol but dont want it to be too dry either.Thanks for your help.
Thank you, I thought maybe the colour was more for appearances. I think i'l give it a go and see how it works out.Thanks again.
I have a recipe for a Lemon an Poppy seed cake but the poppy seeds my husband managed to get for me are white!Does anybody know if it matters if they are white or black, somebody told me that white are used in Indian cookery but I dont know if they taste any different! I thought maybe black are used more for the appearance.Please help.
Thank you and thanks for the link.
Thank you very much for your help. Do you think tangerines would work just as well as the clementines?
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