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Keep me informed please
Haha no you didnt mess up. I have just taken a good look at the gingerbread recipe and it is exactly what i've been after, your a star. Thank youMo63
Thank you Apti and Bakinatthebeach for all your help. Couldnt do it without you Can I just ask you one more question? Do you know what the UK equivalent of your "candy melts" are? Would they be like hard candy or chocolate?
What filling do you use, is it cake?
Thank you but I dont seem to have got a link Thank you also for your advice, I will have a look.
Thank you for your advice
Thank you for your links, I will take a look.
Thank you for your help, I see how you mean from your picture, i have marshmallows here so think il have practice. Thanks a lot Can I just ask if you have a tutoriol on how to make your xmas ornaments. I just saw them in your photos and they are fab.
I take it powdered sugar is what we call "icing sugar". So would you add colouring to get the wooden effect and does it dry completely so that you can stand it up?Thankyou for your help, it does sound quite messy, but I hope someone might be able to help me with a gingerbread recipe Thanks again.
Thank you for your reply Iv learned something new today.
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