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Can anybody tell me the best way to apply lustre dust to my cake?Do I use a brush or just sprinkle for the best effect. I have made a christmas cake covered in white icing for snow and have the Snowflake Lustre Dust.Thank you.
Thank you. I've been planning to give it a try since I came across it in the summer, its fab isnt it. Just hope I can do it justice. I will post a picture when I complete it
CMC is similar to Tylose powder, think it is just a cheaper alternative.Thank you though for your suggestions.
Yes, im sorry, I probably didnt make myself very clear. As the front of the house needs to stand upright I needed a fondant that was strong. I ended up adding the CMC to my fondant to strengthen it, and upto now, fingers crossed, it seems to be working. I didnt want to use MMF as i'v never worked with it before.Thankyou all for your advice.
I already have the tutoriol, but as I said , I dont want to use MMF, im looking for another way of making the front.
I want to make Anxelis christmas eve cake and I dont know how to make the windows etc. I dont want to use MMF, will i be able to use ready ice fondant and add CMC powder to it? And if so how much cmc and do I need to leave it to dry out for long.I have just made gingerbread as I thought this would be good but unfortunately when it was cooked it just went too "puffy" if you understand that!! Obviously I need it to be flat and neat.Please help me quickly.
Thank you for that, I will look.
I want a recipe that can be eaten! Also can somebody tell me what NFSC is?
Can I just butt into this thread and ask a quick question?I have never made these cookies before. I have seen pictures of spiced cookies with ribbon threaded through and hung on the christmas tree. How long do they stay fresh unwrapped? Are they meant to be left unwrapped on your tree, I really have no idea.
Thanks Apti for all your links. Just managed to have good look through them all and there is some great advice in there Hope any projects you do work out well. Do you happen to know what "candy melts" are in the UK?Thanks again. Mo63
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