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Thank you thats really nice of you. If I need any help I will gladly ask.Thank you once again Maureen
Thank you LisaPeps for your help. I will google it.
Thank you Cakegirl, your cake is lovely, I will give it a try.What is a ruffled tulip?
Can anybody give me advice on how to make the apple and what are the red and white leaves or feathers I see on most of the twilight cakes?My daughter wants one for her birthday but I dont watch the programme so no nothing about it.
Thank you everyone, maybe I will invest in The Mat after all.What would I do without these forums, so helpful.
Thats really good thinkin, I suppose you could have your fondant ready rolled the day before.I still think £24.99 is a lot for two sheets of plastic Thank you for your feedback
I have made an 8in cake and have some pretty ribbon to tie around the centre. The only problem is i cant get the bow part right, does anyone have any tips to make it look straight?
Thank you for your reply.I saw it advertised atr £24.99, think that seems a little expensive though
Have just heard about this "mat". It sounds great and I'v just watched a video of it online being used by a professional.Just wondered has anybody here used it and is it all it is cracked up to be?
Thank you for your reply. I will try it dry as I dont have any vodka or lemon extract to use.
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