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Surely somebody must know how to make this shoe?   Anybody??????  
Thank you for your help :)
Thank you for your help, unfortunatly every recipe I find is in american measures, dont know why this is. Even when I put in for UK measures I still get american. :)
Can anybody tell me what this means?   Most recipes on the net are in american measures and its so confusing.   What does scant mean?   Sticks of butter? Cups of flour? Confused .com..........LOL   Yes this is a cake I think, or at least its edible. Don't know if its made from cake or RKT - just wondered if anyone knows because I would love to make it. My daughter has a pair of shoes pretty much identical to these and I would love to see her face if I could make them.   Any help I would be very grateful :)
I need to make mine for this weekend, delivery sunday night. Do you need to put boards in also or just the dowels? And how best is it to make the handles? Would you recommend gumpaste for them too?  
      Thank you both for your replies. I have some good vanilla so I will use that. Can't wait for people to try it so I can and get there opinion. :)
I made some IMBC for the first time the other day and I have put it in the freezer to use today. Can anybody tell me do you have to flavour it or can it be eaten as it is? As iv never made it or eaten it before im not sure how it should taste.   Also can it be used as a crumb coat for your cake?   Thanks.
     Did you have to put any dowels into your cake for support?
     For your £19.99 though do you get other tutorials in there or is it just the bag? I found another good bag tutorial on a site by BronnieBakes. That is worth a try :)
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