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Can anybody give me any ideas how I can make a christening cake jointly for a 6 month old and a 6 year old? Both boys.   I,m just stuck on how to incorporate the two without over complicating things.   I have seen loads of lovely cakes with trains and blocks which would be fine but think it might look a bit babyish for the older child. Or maybe not. What do you think?   I would be grateful for any ideas. The lady only wants a one tier cake which makes it a...
Thank you Cazza1. I have chosen to ignore the earlier nastiness from the last person. I only asked.   I did read the description that the colour was Eucalyptus but I agree with you. I too have this colour and it looks nothing like the colour in the picture. The picture  looks more like a shade of blue and Eucalyptus is green, although I have been itching to try that shade as well and never had the chance yet. But thank you for your help. Sorry i'm a little late with...
Thank you ladies, I have just looked at a colour wheel (big thank you for that ). I tried mixing royal blue and a bit of grape and im quite happy with the result.   Thankyou :)  
Could anybody please tell me what shade of blue this is. I thought it was baby blue but when I compare the shades it is nothing like it. Please help.
Thank you. Yes that does help. I will check out some tutorials for the donosaur :)  
Does anybody know how I would make these. Obviously I know how to make and prepare the cupcakes but cannot figure out how the dinasaur and the "egg" part are done.   Hope you can help.
I am in the Uk and I use Lurpak butter for my buttercream. I have had this "grainy" texture problem a few times and found that it was because I was whisking the butter for too long before I added the icing sugar. The butter was really really soft probably to the extent that it was almost melting. I found that if I left the buttercream overnight in the fridge and then beat it up again the next day then it was fine. Hope this helps someone because I searched the net when...
Thank you, I always thought that you would probably not need to dowel but it would make more sense. :)  
Thank you for your help :)  
At the risk of sounding stupid, and I have heard the saying "never ask a question unless you already know the answer" LOL, but how do I stack a madeira cake ontop of a fruit cake?   I take it I dont need to dowel it due to the sturdiness of the bottom cake (fruit) but not sure what I should do.   Thanks for your help.
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