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I was looking for ideas on how to make a boot and came by your post I would like to see your step by step photos if you don't mind. My email is as follows mariad3239@yahoo com thank you off hand:)
I am lost need help how do you put fresh roses on a cake without damaging the cake and the flowers look fresh its for a wedding cake this week.
I am really interested on doing some of your gum buddies I would really like to see the instructions my email is as followed thank you
Please help i was asked to make a topsy turvy cake for 150 people, what sizes do i need to make and how much would you charge for a cake like that i dont know I would really appreaciate any advice i would get i would be covered in fondant
Doing my first 3-D cake and having problems on how to put the head made out of RKT . If anyone has any ideas or know how i can go about and doing a good job and not having the head fall off the cake. I would really appreciate it thanks
I have been looking for the tutorial on how to make a puppy cake but only get pictures is there anyone that can guide me in the right direction. I would like to make a puppy cake but need to see how its done, I would really appreciate it.
I have tried to make cake pops but the chocolate is to thick and when i shake it it starts to break. What am i doing wrong could anybody give me any advise on how to go about and making my cake pops better. Thank you very much.
hi there everybody need some advise on what type and brand to buy for a printer and compressor.I am thinking of buying one of each but am lost dont know where to go and what to buy if their is anyone outthere willing to give me some advice of any i would really appreciate it. Thank you
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