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Go to they have a tutorial by Verusca Walker for $9.95 per month. You usually get 3 tutorials per month for this price. If you want to look at Verusca's work look on her facebook page
I haven't been on here for some time.....I can't get over the amount of replies I've received. CC has never sent an email to say that there is a posting. I'm using the Mat now just as a mat to roll fondant out on, I don't use the top layer. I move my fondant around as I'm rolling it and then I roll half of the fondant on my rolling pin and place it over the cake. I have found that this is the easiest for me. I don't know if I would get the "new and improved" "MAT", as it...
Does anyone have Debbie Brown's Bbook? I'm after instructions on how to make tbe above.cakes
Hi Margann Thank you for the tip. I'm in Australia and don't have the brand that you mentioned. We have two powder sugar (we call it icing sugar) here, icing sugar mixture (has some cornflour in it) and pure icing sugar. So I gather you are suggesting the pure icing sugar.
I made this gumpaste bear 2 days ago and it has cracked! Can anyone tell my why? Did I put too much tylose in the fondant?
I tried this buttercream recipe the other day and it had a grainy texture and taste. Can anyone help?8 cups of powder sugar, 1 cup shortening...I used original Crisco, 1 tsp clear vanilla extract 3/4 cup milk. It was also super sweet. I have put it in the fridge in a tupperware container with lid thinking, do I throw it out and start again using a different recipe....I don't like waste! Also can I freeze it?
Thank you
Hi DianeLM I love your cake! Did you make the care bears out of gumpaste? If so can you do a tutorial on how you made them and the cake? I'm looking a making this cake for my daughter in April
I used a cake decorator's stores brand. They make it there at the store. I did get in contact with "Sweetwise" and they told me to use Fondex. I told them that where I live in Australia I haven't come across the product Fondex. I can purchase Satin Ice & Regalice here so I am going to give them a go.I am sorry I haven't got back on this forum for a while as I didn't think anyone had replied to the posting. I had ticked the box for email updates but to no avail.[/quote]
Hi Everyone, I just purchased "The Mat" I used it on a cake for my mother's 79th birthday cake. What a trial I had. It took me 3/4 of an hour to roll out the fondant. The best workout I have had in a long I am still feeling the effects of it 2 days later.When I went to put the fondant on the cake it was stuck to the Mat on both sides. What a disaster!Has anyone else had problems and if so how did they overcome them.
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