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I didn't :/ the family decided to go to Vanilla buttercream instead :) sorry tho! Good luck with yours!!!
Wonderful!! I will be *hopefully* making it this next week!!! to try it out :) Thank you!!! Have a wonderful day!!!
Krypto - thank you SOOO much!!! This is an Icing Smiles cake so I want to be able to make whatever this little boy wishes... I greatly appreciate this!!!!
Hi all! So, i've had a request from a client for Whipped Cream Frosting. The design of the cake requires fondant... will this hold up on Whipped Cream frosting? I've never made WC frosting... anyone have a STURDY recipe they'd like to share? Keep in mind - I will be traveling about 1.5 hours over pretty bumpy road... so I really really need it to hold up... thank you so much!!!
Hi there! I have airbrushed buttercream (LOVE that!!) and I never touched it cause my buttercream wasn't crusted. I don't think it's wet, but if you smudge the buttercream, it'll smudge the paint. I'll post a couple pics that I airbrushed the buttercream in...
Does anyone have a form they'd be willing to share with me or at least a link to one? I desperately need one... I'm learning that with a client i've been dealing with for a few weeks... I need a legal form stating the ins and outs of a cake order agreement... HELP!!! Thank you in advance!
Thank you so much!! This is perfect! I think I know what to do just bywhat you told me actually
How do I make ferns? I cannot find a tutorial anywhere! HELP!!! I have the cutters already... Anyone? Please?
I'm glad i'm not the only one guilty of it
True... I suppose I was getting a bit grumpy after the several emails and phonecalls ... I guess I was just starting to think maybe she should just quit telling me how to do my job... but, after all, her mom IS the one who paid... and I am doing things to Her specs, so... It'll be beautiful cause that's all I am willing to do
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