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Don't worry everyone has a bad cake day. I have had this same problem before. First, take a minute to relax! If you want to use this same broken one, simply place the broken pcs back in place. No one will ever know. For future I recommend using wax paper to line the complete cake pan. (butter and line) I have not made one cake without wax paper after my bad cake day.As for the fondant, I make MMF always. If I feel that more kneading is needed, I simply put it in the...
Thank you I will definitly try it out! THank you so much!!
Yeah I might have to try another because its only the strawberry that does this. Thanks
No worries we are all atill learning.Good luck on your next one!
I usually have this problem with my cakes. Leaking fillings. So I line my cake with about 1" buttercream then I fill in with strawberry filling. I always cover my cake with buttercream, frig, then place my MMF. I usually keep my MMF as thin as I can get it but not too thin. Any suggestions to how I can avoid the filling from leaking without having that 1/4" MMF thats usually required?Thank you Cyn
I always put the bottom of the cake up on the last layer and cover all side and top with buttercream. Using the spatula I smooth out as much as I can, then I put it in the frig for a while. Once my fondant is rolled out I take out the cake and cover with my rolled fondant and smooth out with a fondant smoother. Hope this helps.
Oreo's was the first thing that popped into my head before reading comments. I'll have to remember pie crust instead of cookies. Thanks!
So I make my cakes with Marshmallow Fondant and always have this problem. I start with a thick trim around the edge of my cake then add the filling (strawberry) I try to always roll my fondant 1/4 thick but it happens that I get some spots thinner. Then I cover my cake with buttercream. (just a thin layer. Last I cover with fondant. Here's the problem... later I see strawberry spots.............what am I doing wrong?Please help. Thank you
I was thankfully able to get my red Thanks
I have found it to be cute to cover the green foam with paper shreds. This cost a dollar at Walmart.I use it in flower pots, sand pails etc.
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