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I also agree that making them the day before should be fine. Just wanted to add that I froze lots of cupcakes last week with SMBC frosting already on them and they came out fine and dandy. Froze them in cupcake boxes double wrapped in foil and I have one of those big (very cold) freezers, not the fridge freezer. Sorry not sure about the correct terms here, English is my second language
I also use the ultimate vanilla cupcake from cupcakeproject. It's definitely moist and fluffy and has a very distinct true vanilla taste to it.
Thanks so much for all your help! Will definitely check out Orlando etc. Heck, once you've crossed the Atlantic with a 5 and 2 year old, a drive like that doesn't sound bad
Hello all. I'm visiting Cape Coral, Florida for the next two months and would appreciate any advice as to where to go shopping for cake decorating supplies I'm from Finland and we don't have a very good market there yet, so most of the time I order online from England etc. But now I'm here and ready to travel anywhere in Florida to shop!Thanks for all replies!!Also, does anyone know weather there are cake decorating courses available around here at rather short notice?...
I've used a similar recipe as erin 2345 mentioned, but to give it an even stiffer consistency I've added some melted white chocolate as well and then some lemon extract which I think keeps the chocolate flavour at bay.
I'll check it out, thanks!!
Does anyone happen to know where (online) I could order chocolate transfer sheets that are black with small white polka dots? I'm not based in the States so it would have to be an online store. Thanks so much for your help!
Hey cool, I hadn't realized there was a photo button to click on people's posts (newbie) You all make beauuuutiful cakes But I know the feeling of only noticing the flaws in one's own work. Lately I've been really trying to learn NOT to point out the mistakes in my cakes to the people I've made them for (friends mostly since I'm a hobbybaker)
I'm based in Finland and shortening isn't easily available here either, so I make buttercream with just butter. Has worked fine for me
I need to make a black buttercream coverd cake and was wondering if anyone has tried colouring buttercream black with PME lustre spray? Would it effect the taste of the buttercream? Would it stain teeth? I thought of colouring the buttercream with black gel colour, but have understood that everyone would end up with a black tongue I'm based in Finland and PME is the only brand I've found available in spray colours. Thanks for your help!
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