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also grab some flower spikes too.
favorite cream cheese filling. 2 sticks of cream cheese and 1 full 7 oz tub of marshmallow fluff. so yummy!
sometimes, the champagne will weep out of the buttercream. I usually use a champagne simple syrup and then also a dram of the champagne flavoring.
oh and i did the math.. if i put a 10" cake on a 12" circle, you'd have 1" all around the cake circle.. not 2"! haha.. I knew my math was off on that.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I also think part of the issue was not letting the cake settle. The bride was insistent on not ever freezing the cake so i didn't plan out a lot of time to let the cake settle. Will know better next time!
oh, and for one of the tiers, I trimmed off the crust on the cake and that tier looked much better (I think because there was more room to BC the cake)....
Tonight, I delivered a wedding cake decorated in all BC. Most of my wedding cake requests are usually fondant-ed instead of all BC, only because I tend to have a lot of issues with BC!I follow almost all the steps to a T but when I try to frost a 10" cake on a 10" cardboard round, the BC ends up getting almost all removed when I use my bench scraper to smooth out the BC.So my question is, can I use a 10" cake but ice it on a 12" cardboard round? Would that give 2" of...
just finished up a bunch of gumpaste leaves for a fall wedding cake.
if it's not better in the morning, you can dry blotting it with a papertowel or even possibly dusting the thing with cornstarch.. the cornstarch might make it gummy though
you could also try using rkt to form the head if all else fails.
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