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What about the brand?
I live in Venezuela and have a favorite cake recipe. But now I am in Charlotte NC and tried my recipe but it was kind of like a rubber sponge. The taste was good but the consistency was not ok. The recipe I used was: 250 grams of margarine (0,55 pounds), 400 grams of sugar (0.88 pounds), 6 eggs, 500 grams (1.1 pounds) of self rising flour, 1 tbs of baking powder 1,5 cups of milk and vanilla. Can you help me? Thank You!!!
Oh, I wish I could write this in spanish. I have exactly the same problem. My cakes are tasty and very good looking, but people don't like to pay the price I deserve. But if I charge the price according with the quality of my work I will have no customers :( and I really want to keep making cakes because is like a hobby for me. But my family is always telling me I am giving art for nothing :(
pudiste familiarizarte? ya no me gusta como antes :(
Hola amig@s!!! quien tiene la misma sensación que yo? Con la versión anterior era más fácil ver nuestras fotos y los likes. O será que no se manejarla aún? Probablemente sí es más fácil cargar las fotos pero no se, no logro acostumbrarme    Saludos desde Venezuela
Yo prefiero hacerlo mejor de un día para otro porque el Fondant esta más firme. Pero si estas apurada lo puedes hacer de inmediato. Es asuntó de que extiendas dos pedazos y hagas la prueba a ver como te gusta más
I always use bc to attach the fondant to my cakes ;)
I do not like it!!! :(
Yes, that is exactly what you have to do
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