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forget about adding oil or shortening...just makes the mix 'globby'. add paramount crystals to melted will fix fluidity issues.
 agree, banana cake! fantastic with peanut butter frosting/filling!! with maybe a little chocolate drizzle!!! 
I have not tried this...the idea is only my brain thinkin' how could this be done...   could you fold heavy duty aluminum foil, repeatedly, into long strips, then curve and bend the strips into the shapes you want? you would join the two ends of the strip by tucking one fold into the other.  
start with a very bold purple that is fully developed, then add royal blue a little at a time   HTH
you're in Missouri right?...are you currently experiencing wide changes in humidity levels/dew points? add an extra TBS of meringue powder when mixing up the liquid portion.   wipe ALL your equipment down with lemon juice...bowls, containers, paddle/whisk attachments, mixing utensils, measures, tips, etc...everything that comes/will come in contact with anything you are working with. don't use plastic containers/piping bags unless they are new or have never been used for...
these colors are all being muted with 'brown'. start with the developed base color and add brown...   honey gold = golden yellow (developed) + brown burnt orange = orange (developed) + brown bonfire = orange + a touch of red (developed) + brown   after adding the brown, let the color darken again (develop). add more brown as necessary.   HTH
 @MBalaska Thanks so much!
Actually, vanilla Almond Bark for making candy clay tastes very good (some people call it modeling chocolate, but technically it's candy). It makes a very 'white' colored clay (vs. the yellow tint that white chocolate will have), and it's less oily than white modeling chocolate. I use Plymouth Pantry Vanilla Almond Bark with a 4:1 bark to corn syrup ratio ( i.e. one 24 oz package AB : 6 TBS corn syrup).        On the flip side, chocolate Almond Bark does have that...
 I was referring to the AmeriColor Super Red gel paste...but I believe they also make a powder.
I've never seen or read anything suggesting adding melted candy/chocolate to RI...but I did read tip (in a CC thread I think) about adding a small amount of cocoa powder to RI, then red coloring, the a period of rest to allow the color to darken. I tried it in combo with Wilton (No-Taste) Red gel and it worked quite well.   Then I purchased some AmeriColor Super Red, and had no trouble getting deep red RI without the cocoa powder trick. In fact, I had to be careful not...
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