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I made an important cake without asking ONE question here!!! If anyone knows me, they know that that is an amazing feat. I normally test everyone's patience. I think things are finally sinking in a bit! (for some reason I don't seem to be able to get it posted here - it is in my gallery though - it's for Austin)I do have another wedding cake request for the end of Sept - for a sweet older couple that we know. I may need your help for that one - no guarantees!
Well, it went fine! I went and got the cake out of the fridge as everyone was eating, so it didn't have to be out long before it was cut. And about that time, huge clouds came in - it didn't rain, but it did drop the temp some which really helped. The figure got a bit shiny, but the frosting did fine!(it was indydebi's bc but I used powdered coffee creamer/water instead of milk per Sharon Z's recipe)(oh - and I've come to realize why I do cakes - it's all an ego thing....
Actually I just got off the phone with someone who lives close to the park that it will be at - I'll be putting it in her fridge until just before we need it. She's just a couple of minutes away from there. As far as bugs - the one good thing about being in a drought is that there've hardly been any bugs.And as far as how I did the cake, I have to admit that I kinda stole Sharon Z's design on one of her flower dvd's - hers looked more elegant of course, but I based it on...
Scratch that 96 deg - it's now 105 and we haven't hit the hottest part of the day yet. I will have the stand on ice, but really, even all crisco won't last in this. If I have to ever do this again I will do the fondant, but it's already done. I'll have to get a quick pic of the grad with it before it dissolves. It really makes me sad - I think this cake was my best work!
Thank you. Just wish the party wasn't outside.... it was going to be 96 deg - it's now about 104/105. I will have it on ice, but I'm sure it won't last long.
DONE!!! I'd love to get my other cakes finally loaded but I have to get up at 5:30 for the farmers market and I haven't even started preparing for that yet!!!
I decided to just go ahead with it. I did use more vanilla though. Honestly, how many people are going to show up to sit outside when it's 96 deg? And these last few days,whatever temp they've been forecasting, you can add a few more deg's to it - so I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow was 100.I think this heat is getting to me. Our house is 80 and the air has been running constantly. It's about 105 here now. Thankfully the sun will be going down soon. I just wet...
I just made a double batch of Indydebi's crisco icing and it has a greasy mouth-feel to me. Is it just me? Is there another recipe you'd suggest?
Eeek! I'm in WI - are they saying 106 now?! Just crazy. I'm surprised though - my kitchen isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I think a lot depends on what kind of person you are - are you calm and organized? If so you can probably do it just fine and feel proud that you did. On the other hand, if you're like me and go insane under the pressure, you'd probably be better off hiring someone!
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